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Hi Plush Fans!
How to Clean stuffed animals/soft toys including collectible mohair bears and animals
Check the animal's seam tag. If it says "machine washable", and if there are no paper tags, or ribbons, you should be OK to machine wash but do NOT put it in the clothes dryer.  Air dry only.
If it says "SURFACE washable" only, or if your animal is mohair, take these steps on cleaning - (never get excelsior/wood wool stuffing wet):
1) Vacuum for dust. Use an old nylon or cheesecloth over the nozzle so you don't suck in any eyes or ribbons or buttons.
2) Use a mild baby detergent or a detergent for delicates that is phosphate, enzyme & bleach FREE, and make suds in a bowl of water.  Fill another bowl with clear water. Neither should be Hot.
3) Using a clean cloth or facecloth, scoop up ONLY the suds. Gently rub into the plush in several directions and you'll see the dirt coming away on the cloth!
4) Using another clean cloth, dip it into the clear water and wring well so its just damp, and gently wipe over your animal to remove any soap residue.
5) Allow to air dry overnight.
6) When dry, gently fluff with your fingers or a baby brush. If its mohair, then you can use a cat flea metal comb to brush out the plush.
Tip:  You should vacuum (using method above) your "Hug" (Teddy Bear Collection) every month or so, to keep them dust free and fresh!!  Little bowls filled with whole cloves or lavender placed amongst your collection will keep away any nasty critters that like to munch on mohair!  Of course, be sure to keep your collection out of direct sunlight!
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