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Before you use the vase you just bought at a flea market, on eBay, or that you just received from your mother-in-law,TEST IT !!
Fill it to the top and put it on a dry spot on your kitchen counter overnight. If it leaves a ring of moisture or a puddle, it can't be placed on a good piece of furniture. It is not waterproof!  Get some paraffin wax, melt it, and swish it around the dry inside of the vase.  Make a thick-enough coat of wax to be sure there are no holes. It will be leak-proof for many years if you are careful not to scratch the wax with hard stems.
Better yet, use it for dry arrangements or just for display!
This great Studio Art Glass Vase-in-Hand (pictured below) is currently listed and would make a great gift!  Click HERE to view all vases available!
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