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Removing Stains from ceramics, especially inside planters & vases! Great method to remove stains, dirt and marks!  Denture Cleanser Tablets!  Drop one or two in your planter with warm water overnight & awake to a sparkling clean interior!  Great for hard to reach areas!

Does my battery operated toy work?  Some interactive soft toys, dolls etc require an accessory item to operate.  If you find a new treasure that takes batteries, and you insert them and turn the item on and there is no response, the item may not be broken!  It may require an accessory to make it operate!  To test if this may be the case, PLACE A MAGNET near several points of the toy!!!  A magnet may often trigger the interactive response!
Cleaning wooden ware items can be tricky!  Salad bowls, cutting boards, and other dinnerware or preparation ware need to be thoroughly cleansed but wood should not be soaked in water.  It will expand, shrink and then crack and dry out!  A very neat trick is to clean your items with coarse salt!  Giving it a good scrub will polish and sanitize!  Use only a little bit of water and allow to dry thoroughly before storage.  Occasionally, "feed" your wood with a very light coating of cooking oil (ex: canola oil), to avoid dryness.
Note: The coarse salt cleaning method will also work wonders on cast iron frying pans and similar bakeware (do not use if there is a non-stick coating)!
To unstick unused/new envelopes that may have become partially sealed from storage, place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.  Remove from the freezer and carefully run a nail file under the flap edge and your envelope will miraculously open and be as good as new!  STAMP COLLECTORS: This method can be used to open mail if you want to preserve the entire envelope!
Nasty price stickers on china, collectibles, etc?  Unless you can soak them off in water, the next best thing is to use a warm hair dryer!  Make sure you heat the item consistently over its entire surface with the low blast of the dryer, and then, at a safe distance, aim the hair dryer at the price sticker.  Once its slightly softened you should be able to peel it off easily, leaving little or no residue!
To help remove Smoky, Musty, or other Bad Odours from Plush or any item that cannot be laundered, place item in a plastic bag with whole cloves (the spice) or lavender for a few days.  Another trick would be to seal the item in a plastic tote bin with an opened box of baking soda or some old fashioned charcoal BBQ briquettes for a few days!
Black marks on white casseroles or stir marks in white mugs?  The ceramic cook stove top cleaner can help reduce or remove these black or grey marks!  It even works on dinnerware/stoneware showing utensil marks/wear!  Rub gently with the cleanser and then wash and dry as usual!
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